We spent many days working around the poet Xela Arias. For us this woman that choose be from Vigo represent a lot of the values of the Semente project: galeguism, feminism, environmentalism, galician culture, … We listen her verses, played with the Darío a Diario colours, we recreate the Non te amola! cover, danced with A Banda da Loba, illustrated the story “A fraga dos paxaros voadores e a fraga leopardicia”, and many other things that we will publish. May the 17th we celebrate our literature and we did banners for the demonstration. Also we don’t forget that the same day is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. NA GALIZA EM GALEGO! LONG LIVE XELA ARIAS! LONG LIVE TO THE RIGHTS OF THE LGTBIQ* PEOPLE!!!