Semente says welcome to our Zapatist comrades, that cross the Atlantic in a boat made with dreams about justice, and shouting “Wake UP!”. We get their utopia and make it ours because both communities believe in a autonomous education, oriented to the common good and the defense to our languages and cultures.

Zapatist schools and Semente schools are both self-organized and teach for the emancipation and common freedom, been built in a community way. The shared objective is to transform the homogenizer state education that attack our linguistic and cultural rights. Because of that the Semente community and the EZLN built our own schools to achieve a more fair and happier world.

For Semente the Zapatist school is a reference because it doesn’t follow the global trend of schools that reproduce the imperialist/capitalist mindset. The Zapatist school try to achieve that the young people help their community, be supportive and build together knowledges to promote the good-living.