Nome: Catro Ventos Editora
Field: book publications on Alternative Education and Parenting, Human Rights, Ecology, Social Economy and Conscient Consumption.
Phone: 699 236 846
Instagram: @catroventos

Catro Ventos Editora is a non-profit social cooperative founded in Vigo in 2016 and comprised of five members. Each of the members are partners specialized in a specific field (translation, web design, layout, social media, proofreading…) and share common values and concerns.

The idea of founding the publishing house is the result of the combination of two equally important elements: we realized that there is a void—in the Galician publishing world—of books in Galician language related to Social Economy, Ecology and Non-Formal Education (despite the growing interest by the society in general in these issues) and we have always desired to be able to develop a professional activity that was economically viable, but also and mainly consistent with our ethical principles.

Our main activity is the publication of books in Galician language, both translations and books by Galician authors. Here you will find some of the books we have published so far:

Besides, as a complement to our editorial publishing activity, we also offer other services to third parties: translation and proofreading, web design, layout of documents and brochures, social media management, web creation, management of book publishing processes, etc.